Tuesday, 23 July 2013

PIBG updates

1. toilet -
AJKs and Mdm Tang had a quick check on toilets' cleanliness 2 weeks ago. 
It was after lunch time and all workers had cleaned the toilets. Mdm Tang suggested to replace some dustbins to swing bins at female toilets, and relocated the dustbin into toilets ,for the convenience of disposing sanitary pad.

Some flushing systems not working - Mdm Tang will place a bucket of water in toilet, children can flush water manually if the flushing system is out of order. 

There is water supply problem to the male toilet at 3rd floor new block, Some doors can't be locked. 
AJKs plan to have another visit to discuss toilet issues
Finalised some rules and regulations for toilets, will distribute a copy to all parents, paste at toilets, we need parents' help to brief and emphasize to our children. Some hardware upgrade is needed.

2. Security - plan to hire a Rela staff at the main gate for road safety, have not finalized yet. 

3. An educational drama for children (std 1 - 6) will be held on 8pm  21 Sept 13, more details later 

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